5 signs of water damage on the ceiling

5 Signs of Water Damage on the Ceiling

Ceiling water damage could be devastating to your home’s infrastructure. It can lead to mildew, structural damages, and even a collapsed ceiling. However, unless you actively notice a leak, it can be hard to spot water damage.

Here are a few signs of water damage on ceiling to look out for so you can act as soon as you spot it.

Common Signs of Water Damage on Ceiling

  1. Ceiling Stains

    Stains are the most obvious sign of water damage. They’ll generally appear as large brown or yellow circles that are extremely noticeable on light-colored ceilings. You’ll usually see water stains if the leak is coming from your plumbing, AC or heating appliances or the roof.

  2. Stale Odors

    Sometimes, you can smell water damage before you locate it. Water damage will have a strong musty odor like mold or mildew. The stronger the smell, the closer you are to finding the leak.

  3. Drooping or Warped Ceiling

    When water seeps into your ceiling or walls, the increased humidity will physically transform your home’s interior structures. Door frames, window frames, and molding will become warped the longer they’ve been exposed to water damage. If you notice your ceiling is drooping, it’s an immediate sign to call a professional. That means a large amount of water has collected overhead, and your ceiling (and possibly roof) will likely collapse.

  4. Damaged Paint

    Water can also affect the paint on your interior walls. Water damage will usually show up as cracks, bubbles, and peels. You’ll most likely notice it first on your ceiling, but it can also spread to your walls as the water trickles down.

  5. Condensation

    Increased humidity from water damage on ceiling will cause it to “sweat” small condensation bubbles over time.

Expert Water Damage Roof Repair

The second you notice any sign of water damage on ceiling, call the roofing repair experts at RBS Roofing & Construction. A locally owned and operated business, RBS Roofing & Construction has more than 35 years of experience providing superior commercial and residential roofing services in the Central Florida area. Our experienced roofers will be able to identify the source of the leak and have your home protected in no time.

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