Am i entitled to a new roof?

Am I Entitled to a New Roof?

A strong roof is crucial to your home’s safety. With Central Florida’s year-round severe weather, like hurricanes and thunderstorms, it’s important your roof remains up to date. Unfortunately, Florida roof replacements can be expensive if your homeowner’s insurance isn’t covering it.

While many insured policy holders think they won’t be covered unless their roof is severely damaged, there are certain conditions where even minor damage will qualify. Here’s how you can tell if you are entitled to a new roof.

Florida Roof Replacement Laws

The state of Florida has certain laws pertaining to what must be replaced when you file an insurance claim on your damaged roof. If your roof can’t be fixed to match its quality, size, or color, the insurer must also replace the surrounding area so that it all looks uniform. However, matching an undamaged roof’s material is easier said than done. With constant exposure to the elements, new roofing materials will quickly and clearly stand out next to older shingles.

How Can I Get a New Roof?

Florida building code says a roof must be replaced if 25% of it needs to be fixed within a 12-month period. This plays into the previously mentioned laws. If it’s impossible to match a damaged shingle or tile, your insurer has to replace an entire section. When that section adds up to at least 25% of your roof, the whole roof must be replaced to be up to standard. Therefore, needing even a single shingle or tile replaced could add up to your insurance paying for an entirely new roof!

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